About the Book

Miracle of Effort is the story of Thalia being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when she was two years old and her journey to graduating college and becoming an elementary school teacher.

Thalia’s family is at the center of this story. There were several critical decisions made by Thalia’s parents, Donnie and Lorena. They were confronted with a traumatic reality that required perspective and patience, while fighting through moments of despair and sadness. It was Donnie and Lorena’s determination that they would be part of the solution for their daughter that shaped Thalia’s journey. It is Donnie’s cousin, Lisa, who noticed Thalia’s autistic behavior symptoms and delivered her initial learning therapy sessions.

The following is Thalia’s unique autism journey. Her Miracle of Effort. The book is intended to offer hope to the many families that are confronted with this disability. As Thalia says, “an autism diagnosis does not mean that a child cannot be successful. It just means that he or she will see the world in a different light.” Thalia’s simple hope is “to inspire autistic individuals to live up to their full potential and provide optimism to families.”